mother beloved

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Mother ...
Nirvana space love of heavenly dew
Pearl embroidery heart balm my soul
Diamond castle Dekapanmu buffer vulnerability
Singsingkan dignity Ragamu soul

Mother ..
Like the power of conscience Nasehatmu my heart
destroying your shoulder back in pride myself
Charging load melt the heart of
let it drift into your heart

Mother ...
In your face, I saw the power of the lamp cahya
in tears tears, I saw the spirit resonate
in you, collected Sholawat world
Mother ...
Is a woman who is always alert when I'm in the crib
crown paradise among the angels of heaven
May you be happy always
Hopefully I can membahagiakanmu ...
can only dedicated prayer for you
I cried only witness to you my dear ..
mother, today we memperingatimu
mothers, "good mothers day"
please accept my compliments
the beloved son...

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